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2019 Summer Class Schedule

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PRE-BALLET [ages 5-7]

This 40 minute class designed to introduce students to a more formal study of classical ballet through age appropriate skill development, creative expression, and music appreciation, while exploring the connection between dance, rhythm, and music. Age appropriate ballet vocabulary is included in the lessons complemented by stretching and strengthening exercises in preparation for more formal training. No prior dance experience needed.

BALLET [ages 7+]*

Ballet is the foundation for all dance training. Students will be instructed in barre work, center floor work, and traveling steps in order to develop the essential technique of balance, body control, and muscle memory. Ballet also promotes flexibility and muscular strength while emphasizing correct body placement. *Placement class required for Int./Adv. level class.

JAZZ [ages 7+]

Jazz is the style of dance often seen on Broadway or television. This class will include stretching, isolations, strengthening exercises, and across the floor exercises including turns and leaps, followed by a combination that is usually fast-paced and rhythmically-based. Kids love the up-beat, high energy style and personal expression that this class offers!


This class teaches students the rudimentary movements that are the foundation to classical modern dance technique. Students will focus on contractions, spirals, floor work, and elemental concepts of space, time, and force. Several different styles of modern dance (ex./ Cunningham, Horton, and Hawkins) will be explored throughout the class, each including a variety of exercises, improvisations, and movement combinations that will allow the dancer to become comfortable moving his/her body in new ways. Placement is required to participate in this class.


Dancers will study and expand their knowledge of ballet terminology, staging techniques, and the history of ballet by studying classic works, famous dancers, and choreographers using video and music resources. 


Fueled & Aflame Dance Studio's year-end concert with special performances by Illuminate, Ignite, and Fueled & Aflame Dance Companies.

WHEN: Saturday, June 1st, 2019 at 3:00pm

WHERE: John Legend Theater, 700 South Limestone St., Springfield, OH

TICKETS: Ticket prices vary from $8-$12 depending on seat selection and must be done through OvationTix or in person at the theater box office. Online ticket sales will begin at 12:01am on Monday, April 29th, 2019.

Visit our Facebook Event to let us know your coming and help spread the word!

Rejoice 2018 Cast Small Cropped

Jazz/Tap A at Rejoice! 2018 - Photo by Jamie Mumford Photography

Our 8-Week Summer Session begins 6/13/19

SIGN UP TODAY: Register online via the buttons below.

CHECK OUT OUR Detailed Summer Class Descriptions  

You may also be interested in our SUMMER CAMP line-up!


Our 8-week session will be held from Thursday 6/13/19 through Thursday 8/8/19.
There will be no classes on the 4th of July.

Payment must be made in full in order to process registration and reserve your spot in a class. There are no refunds for Summer classes unless the studio cancels your class - no exceptions

Registration Information:

Limited class size requires placement to be first come - first served. Registration will not be processed without payment. You will receive automatic emails from our Dance Studio Pro app with pertinent studio information and class reminders.

Classes with less than three enrolled students will be cancelled. Class cancellations will be announced by Tuesday 6/11/19. Makeup classes are only possible in another class of a similar age and skill level. You must obtain permission from the instructor ahead of time to be able to take a make-up class. 


Dive into summer with our island-themed summer dance camp. We will be stomping our feet and learning to hula, all with the ease of a salt-water breeze!  Cool summer treats, fun crafts, and of course lots of dance. Come dance along to the inspiring Moana soundtrack and even get a special day with Moana herself! 

SUMMER CAMP-WEEK 1 (07/15/19 - 07/18/19): 10:00am to 12:00pm

CLICK HERE for full schedule and more details.