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FueledDance Dancers ages nine through adult are invited to attend our annual company audition for one of our three performing c… https://t.co/VNyDNWeDQd
FueledDance Illuminate traveled to Greenville for another Project Dance event in the fall of 2017. This was an incredible bondi… https://t.co/XbppBNdEBr
FueledDance Illuminate’s fourth season started with performances at Huber Heights Marigold Festival. The danced multiple pieces… https://t.co/yJiAUZwxBL

Ignite Dance Company members commit to an 11-month dance season in which they will train and perform together. The annual season begins approximately mid-July starting with a 2-day mini-intensive. From there, company rehearsals will be held twice a month through the end of May. The company will have approximately 2-4 performance opportunities per season.  

Company members work in conjunction with Fueled & Aflame Dance Studio in order to reach their fullest potential as a dancer and an artist of faith. They are required to enroll in a minimum of two dance technique classes at Fueled & Aflame Dance Studio and commit to regular attendance for the duration of the season. Specific class requirements will be determined by our staff and typically include ballet, modern, and/or jazz. Dancers will receive technique level placement information upon acceptance into the company. Rehearsals for Ignite will be held on Saturday mornings from 11:00-1:00pm and can include dance technique, choreography, and group devotionals for personal growth and team building.

Dancers in any of our companies are also strongly encouraged to attend as many Re*Fuel Worship Dance Labs as they are able to throughout the season. Re*Fuel offers dancers an opportunity to receive worship dance training, participate in a time of corporate worship with movement and props, as well as receive personal dance ministry. These events are free to our company dancers and a great way to nurture a dancer's spiritual growth in a larger dance community.

Ignite Company Requirements:

*A final calendar will be distributed by August. Current dates and times listed on this document are tentative.