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Partner with Us!

FueledDance Dancing friends, an incredible season has come to an end. Today we announced that we will be closing the dance stud… https://t.co/i5EjZ4PUEA
FueledDance Dancers ages nine through adult are invited to attend our annual company audition for one of our three performing c… https://t.co/VNyDNWeDQd
FueledDance Illuminate traveled to Greenville for another Project Dance event in the fall of 2017. This was an incredible bondi… https://t.co/XbppBNdEBr



Our dance companies are available to perform at church services, conferences, community events, school events, worship concerts, worship music videos, and so much more! We offer both short and long performances and can even customize an event to match your organizations theme.  Additionally, we also offer performance and workshop/master class combination events.


Fueled & Aflame Dance Company is able to offer master classes, workshops, conferences, and customized choreography for your dance group. We can tailor any of those services to meet your specific needs. Ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, musicals, worship dance, prophetic dance, and dance ministry are among the many skills we have offer!


If you would like to support Fueled & Aflame Dance Ministries with a one-time, monthly, or yearly donation - we would greatly appreciate your gift! Here are some important points to consider about the significance of our organizations activities: 

  • Fueled & Aflame Dance Ministries consists of three separate organizations: a Christian dance studio, youth performing companies, and an adult touring company.
  • We were founded by and have been operating under the direction of Carla Lee Crowe, a dance performance graduate of Eastern Michigan University, for more than 18 years.  
  • All organizations operate out of Fueled & Aflame Dance Studio located in Springfield, Ohio.
  • Our studio, Fueled & Aflame Dance Studio, offers dance classes for students ages 3 through adult in ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, tap, and hip-hop, as well as homeschool and dance fitness classes. We value artistic excellence and the raising up of skilled craftsmen! Our studio instructors have college-level dance training and/or the equivalent of in professional dance experience. 
  • Our youth performing companies currently have 12 dancers who are committed to growing not only in their technical dance abilities, but also as worshipers as they learn what it means to submit their gifts to the Lord and use dance to bring hope and healing to a broken world. We are passionate about investing in the next generation - raising up worshipping warriors!
  • Our adult touring company, Fueled and Aflame Dance Company, currently has 2 trainees and 6 company artists from several different states. The adult company was the first organization within our ministry which began in 2001 in Southeast Michigan. Over the past 18 years we have performed locally and nationally in churches, schools, conferences, festivals, and other community events. We have held numerous master classes, workshops, conferences, as well as provided choreography and dance ministry training to churches and dance teams. 
  • Both companies rehearse and train 11 months out of the year. Auditions are held each June and our annual season runs from mid-June through the end of May.
  • We are extremely passionate about dance ministry. Dance allows us to see the Kingdom of God at work here on earth in a tangible way and has a long-lasting impact! Many of our workshops and master classes focus on dance as a communication tool that we can use to communicate to God, with God, and about God. Dance is also especially powerful when used in conjunctions with personal prayer ministry and can bring about freedom, deliverance, and healing. 
  • Our ministry recently acquired a larger space to operate in. This space has allowed our studio and performing companies to grow and expand the number of classes, workshops, and conferences we are able to offer throughout the year. This space was a big financial leap of faith and we are looking for individuals and organizations to partner with us to help support this endeavor.