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FueledDance The box office is now open! Reserve your seats today for our annual spring dance production: https://t.co/TaVpkwztXS https://t.co/1shoPKnfzI
FueledDance We are so proud of all these young women and the hard work they put into creating their own… https://t.co/1oBrQ1PcQ6
FueledDance Our students have been working hard for the last couple of months to create their very own dance… https://t.co/7QKPg0CpHb

The IGNITE Training Program gives aspiring dancers ages 14 & up an opportunity for more advanced training in modern and jazz dance techniques as well as an opportunity to learn a wide variety company repertoire, advanced worship dance techniques, discipleship training, and dance outreach training in preparation to audition for the Fueled & Aflame Dance Company Apprentice Program. IGNITE trainees will participate in a twice monthly training class on Saturdays and may also have the opportunity to participate in select Fueled Company rehearsals from mid-Oct. through January in order to prepare a collaborative piece that they will perform at our annual Let it Shine concert. 

Fueled & Aflame Dance Company is an adult touring ministry. The travel demands of the Company make it difficult for dancers still in school to fully participate in our performances and other activities. Our IGNITE Training Program creates a bridge between Illuminate Dance Company and Fueled & Aflame Dance Company. The training program provides an accelerated learning environment for dancers who desire to be a part of Fueled & Aflame Dance Company after graduation from high school. IGNITE is not a performing company and therefore does not guarantee performance opportunities. For this reason, we recommend participating in both Illuminate Dance Company and the IGNITE Training Program for a well-rounded dance ministry training experience. Typically, once a dancer has completed two years in the training program, he/she will be considered for promotion to an apprenticeship position with Fueled & Aflame Dance Company. Please note: participation in the IGNITE Training Program does not guarantee entry into the Apprenticeship Program

For more information about our programs, please visit these pages: